Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Looking for a tasty treat to help you forget about the hot, hot heat?

Here are 5 ways to enjoy Anastasia Confections' creamy Coconut Patties in the summer:
1. Try freezing them 

Freezing Coconut Patties not only keeps them fresh, but also makes for a very refreshing treat on a hot summer day! 

2. Ice Cream Topping

Try sprinkling pieces of Coconut Patties on top of your favorite ice cream, or try mashing the pieces into the ice cream for added texture and flavor. Yummy!

    3. Coconut Patties Smoothie

Want something cool and delicious to sip on? Blend a Coconut Patty or two along with ice, milk/yogurt, and your favorite fruits to make a delicious Coconut and Chocolate Fruit Smoothie!

4. Jello Pick Me Up

There is no better way to beat the heat than with a nice, cool bowl of Jello mixed with pieces of your favorite Coconut Patties inside! 

(Tip: Do this in two steps! Pour in ½ the mixture and let it set. When the Jello is ready, lay in the coconut bits and then pour in the rest of the mixture! Now you will have Coconut Patties pieces suspended in the Jello instead of sunken at the bottom!) 

5. Super Coco-nutty Ambrosia Salad

First, slice off the chocolate bottom of the Coconut Patties (feel free to eat). Next, place the creamy coconut portion in a food processor instead of—or along with—the usual coconut flakes. Add this delicious mixture to your favorite Ambrosia Salad recipe! 


  1. this looks and sounds so good

  2. Sounds Yummy...looking forward to sharing these ideas with my friends!

  3. ALl of this sounds absolutely yummy! Going to have to
    give the recipes a try.

  4. Sounds soooo yummy! Thanks for giving me some awesome ideas for dessert!

  5. i think youll do well im now suffering from sweettoothosis

  6. Cool. Those pictures are making me hungry though, I wish I had some.

  7. I love the blog and recipe ideas! First recipe I plan to try is the coconut patty smoothie. Cool and delicious and sounds perfect! I can make it with Almond Milk and stay within my diet intake and get a yummy treat!!!!

  8. Now I'm craving coconut!, especially that smoothy!!!!!!

  9. I'm thinking the smoothie with a spike of Malibu Coconut Rum? Or the pineapple rum? Anyway everything sounds delish and love the idea's!!!!

  10. Omg these are good! I had one like 3 weeks ago.. Thick and coconutty!